Income Tax Preparation Calgary

Income Tax Preparation Calgary

Dymas Services offers CRA income tax return filing for Calendar year taxpayers and fiscal corporate tax returns in the Calgary, Alberta area. We provide tax preparation for any situation you may be in, whether you are filing your tax forms for the year or you have received a tax assessment for previous years unpaid taxes due. If you have had a tax audit or have received a Notice of Assessment from the CRA and are in arrears facing penalties or fines for unpaid or under reported taxes, we can help.

Why Use Dymas Services as Your Tax Preparer?

We have years of experience working with individuals and corporations in finding beneficial tax deductions, tax rebates, tax credits, tax breaks, tax deferral strategies, and tax help all according to the tax code and regulations in Canada. We can prepare tax returns for:

  • Corporate T2
  • Individual T1 
  • Returns for Offshore Income/Accounts
  • Withholding Tax Refund
  • Property Managers and Landlords
  • Partnerships
  • Self Employed
  • Hobby Income
  • Students
  • Dependents
  • Retirees
  • Anyone in any situation
We can file a T1 General or T2 Canadian tax return for any tax filing status in Canada; resident and non-resident if your tax home is not in Alberta. We offer year round tax return filing and can file multiple years back for any un-filed delinquent taxes.

You may be due a tax refund depending on how much tax was withheld from your employer, which tax deductions/tax credits you qualify for, and what tax bracket you are in. We can review your tax situation and prepare an income tax return for you. 

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