Income Tax Consultant Calgary

Income Tax Consultant Calgary

Dymas Services Ltd. provides income tax consulting in Calgary, Alberta for businesses and corporations as well as individuals. Taxation can become complex and tax credits and deductions can easily be overlooked by those who are not well familiar with tax laws in Canada.

Individual Income Tax Consulting

Your company has offered you the option of either working as an employee or subcontracting as a private contractor. How will incorporating and working for your company under a private contract effect your income tax? Is it better to work as a T4 employee or as a contractor? These are common questions among those working in Calgary.

Since every situation is different, it may be best to see an income tax consultant in Calgary, Alberta to go over your situation. We can help set you up in the most advantageous way for income tax purposes.

Corporate Income Tax Consultations

We provide corporate income tax consultations for companies in Calgary and Alberta. We look at how your corporation is set up, what tax advantages are available to you, and what the best ways to approach taxation going forward will be.

For any questions you may have regarding income tax, corporate income taxation, or filing income taxes, call Dymas Services Ltd. in Calgary today.

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