Business Income Tax Preparation Calgary

Business Income Tax Preparation Calgary

Income tax preparation can send chills down your spine, but not if you're using a great income tax preparation service. We help small businesses get back on track and stay on track with their taxes. Get top quality tax accounting services at an affordable price.

Who We Provide Income Tax Preparation For

We provide business income tax preparation for just about anyone in the Calgary area. Most of our clients are incorporated companies with 1-50 employees in the services industries. We provide exceptional tax preparation services for:
  • Incorporated Companies T2 Corporate Tax Return
  • Self Employed Individuals T1 General T2124/T2125
  • Individual Real Estate Property Managers T776 
  • Corporate Property managers
  • Investors earning passive income
  • Returns for multiple businesses/corporations
  • Non-profit businesses

How is Our Income Tax Preparation Any Different?

When researching income tax preparation in Calgary, many businesses look for quality of services provided, many search based on price only. Dymas Services offers quality bookkeeping and tax preparation services as a part of a package so that you hit both nails on the head; quality services at an affordable price. Check out our bookkeeping packages for small businesses

Here's what we have to offer that sets us apart from the competition:
  • Years of experience/knowledge in complex corporate tax situations.
  • Affordable business packages. The prices will amaze you!
  • Professionalism, tax consultation for those just starting out
  • Attention to detail in bookkeeping and tax preparation
  • Friendly service and available help
  • Mobile service, we make trips to your home or office when needed

Industry Specific Tax Preparation

As a tax preparation service, we do not just stick to preparing taxes for one industry. We provide services for many different industries, but many of our clients refer other clients in their specific industry. We have plenty of experience in the following industries:

  • Photography, Arts, Design Industries
  • Transportation Industry
  • Landscaping & Construction Industries
  • Property Management & Maintenance Industries
  • Insurance Industry
  • Real Estate Sales Industry
  • Engineering, Alternative Energy Industries
  • Retail, Sports, Electronics, Clothing Shops & Industries
If your business is not in the above industries that does not mean we cannot provide you the absolute best tax preparation services. These are a few of the industries we seem to get a lot of referrals from, we would love to work with you in your industry as well. 

Income Tax Consulting Services

Taxes can be complicated your first year of filing as a corporation or sole proprietor. Many people wait until it is too late to have a tax strategy for their business. For those business owners who are new to the world of business taxes, we offer tax consulting for businesses.