Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A New Season Means New Opportunities

Summer's over, school is starting, business is picking up again from what is typically the slowest month in the accounting, bookkeeping, and income tax preparation field; August. This year is much the same as others, we at Dymas Services Ltd. are gearing up for another record breaking year.

We will be marketing our Calgary Bookkeeping and Tax Services as we always have been and will continue to develop our training. Here is an ad we've posted on

"..small business owners; the heart of Calgary..."

Even though oil is down and the economy is facing set backs, small business owners (the heart of Calgary's economy) are continuing to chug along in a 'business as usual' sort of way. 2015 shown us that Calgary is no longer a one horse town. New businesses continue to sprout and flourish and they will for a long time to come, rain or shine. 

That doesn't mean it will be easy for corporations and small businesses in the times to come. Small business owners need to get on top of their bookkeeping and tax returns. In some cases, we see clients that have not filed previous year returns who are owed a refund. Now is the time to cash in and get that refund money from previous years. 

Not only that, filing tax returns that you've been putting off can give you that feeling of a weight being lifted off of your shoulders; not having to worry about it anymore. 

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