Monday, May 25, 2015

Our Ultimate List of Bookkeeping Services

Looking for a list of our Bookkeeping Services? Here's the Ultimate Bookkeeping Services List we've put together for our clients and potential accounting clients. This is a big list, and we've earned our experience in each specific area. We offer years of experience and knowledge in just about every accounting scenario. Here's our list:

Business to Business Bookkeeping Services List

  • Monthly/Quarterly Bookkeeping Packages
    • QuickBooks Financial Data Entry
      • Bank Account & Credit Card Reconciliation
      • Shareholder account entries (Cash Clearing)
      • Accounts Payable Services
        • Vendor Bill Entries
        • Prepare & Mail Receiver General Cheques
      • Accounts Receivable Services
        • Enter Invoices for Customers into QuickBooks
        • Record Payments against Accounts Receivable
      • Profit & Loss Statements
      • Balance Sheet Statements
      • Monthly General Journal Entries 
      • Mileage Data Entry
  • Non-Profit Bookkeeping Services
    • Monthly Cost Allocations
    • Fund Management
    • Budgeting
  • Monthly/Quartlery/Annual Sales Tax GST Remittance Services
    • GST Sales Tax Refunds or Payments
      • Calculate ITC's on Purchases & GST withheld
      • GST Electronic Filing (NetFile)
      • Prepare & Mail GST Payment Cheques
  • Payroll Services
    • Bi-weekly, monthly salary employees or Hourly Employees
      • Provide QuickBooks Paystubs for employees
      • Calculate Federal Withholding Tax
      • Calculate CPP Canadian Pension Plan
      • Calculate EI Employment Insurance
      • Issue T4's to Employees
    • Subcontractors & Casual Labour
      • Issue T5018 for subs
      • Issue T4-A Slips
    • Shareholders
      • Issue T5 Dividends
  • Remote Online Bookkeeping
    • Access QuickBooks Online Remotely & Preform Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Year end Bookkeeping Services
    • Entire Year Data Entry
      • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Journal Entries
      • Annual Account Reconciliations
      • Year End Financial Reports
        • Fiscal Year Profit & Loss
        • Fiscal Year Balance Sheet
      • Meals & Entertainment Calculations for Long Distance Truck Drivers
We provide these fine bookkeeping services as listed above as well as other services (financial services such as tax preparation and business consulting). For all of your Bookkeeping needs, call Dymas Services Ltd. We are located in Calgary, Alberta and can preform bookkeeping services remotely from wherever you are. Call us for prices, fees and payment options or any other details. 

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