Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our Bookkeeping Services Calgary Rates Will Put a Smile on Your Face


Bookkeeping Packages & Service Rates

Dymas Services offers bookkeeping packages for small businesses in Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding area. We provide our clients with professional services at competitive and affordable bookkeeping rates. 

One Man Show = Starting at $150 Month

If you have no employees and subcontract for one or two companies with minimal financial transactions per month, you will be looking at a price range of $150 per month. Bookkeeping would be preformed on a quarterly basis. Remember that this includes the end of year income tax filing and preparation. 

Small Business with 1-5 Employees = Starting at $200 Month

If you have a couple employees in your company and have a small load of clients with a light amount of financial transactions each month, we would provide bookkeeping services to you on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your GST sales tax filing requirement. Prices start at $200 per month for the whole package including T2 or T1 income tax return filing. 

Business with More than 5 Employees

If you have a business with more than 5 employees, complex bookkeeping needs, or a heavy amount of financial transactions each month, we offer the monthly package to you. If you fall into this category, please call us to set up an appointment to discuss pricing. 

We know that your business needs to be profitable, that's why our bookkeeping services Calgary rates are affordable for any business model. Give Dymas Services a call to schedule an appointment to discuss bookkeeping services rates and pricing for your small business today.