Friday, May 22, 2015

We think bundling Bookkeeping and Tax Services just makes more cents (sense)

If you manage a small business, you know that there is a lot to take care of. With everything from employees to getting your product or service known to the public, there's little to no time left over for balancing the budgets and keeping financial records. This can lead to headaches and panic attacks come tax season.

Bookkeeping and  tax services go together like peas in a pod, that's why Dymas Services Ltd. now offers Quarterly/Monthly Bookkeeping Packages for small businesses and corporations right here in Calgary. We've bundled two of our main services together because it just makes better sense. With our bundled services, you can relax and chill at the end of April each year instead of going crazy. Have peace of mind knowing that your books are clean and ready to go. That's worth a lot now isn't

Services on a Monthly/Quarterly basis include:

  • Bookkeeping & Financial Data Entry
  • Receipts/bills/invoice Organizing 
  • Financial Statements
  • GST Filing 
  • Income Tax Return Filing (Annually) 

Let's face it, Bookkeeping and Tax Services go together like cheese and crackers. Why not have these services done by the same company so that there is no file swapping or 2nd hand information that can take extra time to deal with. Our rates are very affordable. 


Calgary: (403) 991 3091

Business owners can start the bookkeeping and tax services bundle at any time of the year, though service must be preformed for a complete 12 months before tax return filing is included. Catch up bookkeeping and previous years income tax return filing are not included as a part of this service, only the bookkeeping for the current month as paid for. Call Dymas Services Ltd. for pricing and fees on Bookkeeping and Tax Services bundles. We look forward to doing business with you.